Enabling businesses in Africa to get paid twice as fast, everytime.

Bridger is on a mission to help African B2B companies reduce their cash flow cycle and unlock cash reserves.

Our Story

Bridger was founded with a simple mission: Reduce the Cashflow cycle for B2B businesses. Simple.

Every idea starts with an insight. Ours was, Business in its simplest form is getting a party to buy from you and pay you for it. Both equally important.

So why are we solving in the B2B space? In B2C trade, the seller usually controls the payment terms; You buy and pay the seller instantly.

This is not the case in B2B; where Buyers control the payment terms…this single dynamic leads to slow cashflow cycle; Suppliers will sell and have to wait 30, 60, even up to 120 days to get paid by their buyers, Causing huge strain on their business growth.

"87% of B2B Businesses complain of late/delayed payments"

The question is, Can we design a system that benefits suppliers, buyers, and other stakeholders while reducing the cash-flow cycle and growing the world economy?

Bridger is our tool to answer this question.

Our first product enables SMEs get more of their invoices paid faster. Our solution optimizes the collections process, using software, payments and financing tools.
It's hard work but it's exciting. Our promise is provide as much value for you.

The values that drive everything we do


Suppliers Are Our NorthStar

We work hard to provide value for our businesss customer


Be bold and Passionate

Starting a business is a bold move, we will also take bold moves to support your growth



Our goal is to be as helpful as possible to our customers.


Do hard stuff

We will keep pushing the boundaries of our goals.

"The only limit to an entrepreneur's success should be their personal ambition, not the best software, financial and services"

Chief Executive Officer

Our Vision

Our generation is about to colonize Mars, but in our supply chains, businesses are still exchanging cold hard cash, writing checks, or keying manual transfers. We're going to reimagine the status quo, we're going to digitize the zillions of these offline receivables and payables. One transaction at a time.

Committed to customer's success

We’re with you every step of the way.
We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for every customer to deliver the resources they need to achieve their business goals.

Our biggest source of pride is, our customers come back to us time and again as their go-to source for Invoice financing, and account receivable solutions.

Alongside our flexible Invoice financing, our e-invoicing, business bank accounts and more, customers get personalized guidance from our team of trusted advisors.
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Our Commitment to You

Continuous Improvement

We are perpetually enhancing and advancing our product

Customer Focused

We are building for you

Support at every Turn

Empathy and guidance are built in. We have your back.

Our numbers speak for themselves

Early payments
400 Million naira
Invoice financed