The complete guide on how to reduce payment delays from your customers!

Bridger is enabling businesses like yours get paid 8x faster.
From Invoice to real-time cash in your bank.

Create Invoice easily and faster.
Insights/Payments to improve your business finances
Invoice financing to keep you running without disruption
Approved by Financed experts, Join over 1100+ happy businesses getting paid on time.

Bothered by cash flow issues, late payments, bad debts and repeated follow-ups? Let's put an end to your woes and get you paid faster with Bridger

87% of African businesses are typically paid late. There's nothing worse that having Millions in unpaid Invoices from your customers and still having to borrow from banks, Microfinance banks and Fintechs.

Bridger is pioneering early access to receivables using cash tied up in lengthy payment cycles, using automation software, Invoice financing and Expert services.

You want business results, not constant hassles and complexity across your finance and procurement processes. With a dedicated team of experts, Bridger Account receivables services provides that structured simplicity.

Through a unique blend of managed services and award-winning technology, along with trade financing, we take the stress out of achieving your day-to-day responsibilities so you’re free to focus on projects with high strategic value.

Cutting-edge features for instant cash collections

Perfect for B2B businesses, CFOs, Collections teams, and A/R Managers.

Credit management

Conduct credit checks on your business partners. Avoid doing business with bad payers.

Invoice financing and payments

Convert your invoices to cash in 48hours using Bridger's invoice financing solution.
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Smart Invoicing

Create, Send and track all of your invoicing in one place, along with automated email, whatsapp, text message reminders to help you get paid.


Modernize your collections process and keep DSO down with automations and insights, to allow you focus on customers who needs more high touch outreach.

Experience the solution you need to turn your invoice into cash

Credit Scoring.

Conduct credit checks on your customers.
Credit scores are based on factors like payment history, credit utilization, length of credit history, and types of credit used.

E-Invoicing and Payments

Create and send professional Invoices free.
Send Invoice including your customers’ unique payment link.

Automated Reminders

Monitor and track all Invoice status.
Send automated personalised payment reminders via SMS and Whatsapp.

Reporting and Insights.

Focus your team on the next best activity and give them 360-degree view of customers to complete activities faster.

Built-in dashboard, key performance indicators to gain insights into your business payments.

Invoice financing

Exchange your Invoice for instant cash.

Forget 30, 60 days for payments and grow your business without stress.

Global Payments For Every Business

Your business can easily make and receive local and global payments, reduce their transaction costs, and expand their customer base to new international markets.

Collections & Disputes

Benefit from the most comprehensive end-to-end offering for collections, disputes, and deductions with market-proven and best-practice receivables management strategies.

Offer modern payments

Help your customers pay you. Provide a seamless self-service payment experience and get paid on time.

A/R Management Services

We become an extension of your team, so you can put your focus elsewhere and leave the work to Bridger’s skilled team members. Our accounts receivable experts to set up and improve your credit control process, so you can get paid on time and maintain a healthy cash flow.
Collect, and Pay bills in one click
Increase positive cash flow

Bridger is perfect for

Manage your business
from your phone.
Unlock cash flow
Secure platform
Spend less time chasing payments

B2B businesses

Your personal collections team.
Cash flow management
Eliminate payments write-offs
Professional Invoices free forever

and suppliers that sell on credit.

Never run out of cash.
Conduct credit checks on future and current customers.

No more late payments.
Cut down on unpaid invoices and improve your cash flow.

More time for strategy
Let go of manual receivables processes. Focus on what matters: planning your growth.

Liberate your cashflow.
Do you wait, 30, 60, and up to 120 days for cash?
Exchange your invoice for cash.

Suppliers 🎉
Construction 🎉
Logistics and Transport

High-performance companies, large/small use Bridger to streamlines the collections process and accelerates cash flow.

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Manufacturers 🎉
Big buyers /Corporates 🎉
Retail and Wholesale🎉
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Conduct credit checks on future and current customers.


Easily create and send professional invoices.


Exchange your invoice for cash.


Efficiently collect outstanding payments.


Monitor/track your receivables and debtors.

A/R Support

Get expert advice and support.

L&L foods

"I no longer have to spend hours per week checking my numbers to see where my cash is, my receivables dashboard gives me full report of overdue, due invoices. Bridger also finances my Invoices."

Ladipo Lawani. CEO, Forbes 30u30

Frequently asked questions

What are accounts receivable?
Accounts Receivables is the amount of cash you are due by another company for delivering goods or services. Don't confuse them with Accounts Payables: on the contrary, A/Ps is the money you owe other companies. A/Rs are listed as an asset on your balance sheet.
How do account receivables process work?
An Accounts Receivable process is the process you set up to get paid. It starts with issuing an invoice to the company you've delivered a good or service to and ends when this company pays you. It can include automated tools or manual tasks and generally involves the finance team.
Why do I need an Account receivables platform?

Cash is the lifeblood of your business. An accounts receivable platform automates invoicing, payment tracking, and customer communication helping businesses get paid faster and enhance cash flow.
What is Bridger really?
Bridger helps B2B enterprises across Nigeria (Africa) get their Invoices paid faster and easier. Unlocking cashflow and powering growth.
Why should I choose Bridger?
Bridger has everything you need to fully automate your cash collections; A uniquely engineered product utilizing Software automation, Invoice Financing/payments and Human experts to ensure you get paid always and fast.
Does using Bridger mean I have to automate my entire A/R process?
No, Bridger is a versatile accounts receivable software that is customizable to fit your needs. Enjoy the benefits of accounts receivable automation, whether you employ one feature or several.
Is my business data safe?
Security is central for us, here at Bridger.

We use continuous protection and master-slave replication to protect against any database failures:
Our data centres are hosted in the EU (Ireland) by AWS. They are ISO 27001 and SOC 1, 2, 3 Compliant.  
Can I migrate my Invoices from another software?
Yes, you can seamless migrate from your existing invoicing softwares to Bridger, by sending us an email via
What countries are eligible, who is eligible to enable payment processing?
Bridger accounts receivable software is available worldwide. Payments and Invoice financing is only available in Nigeria.
Is Bridger a free product?
No, It's not. But we have amazing free services like E-Invoicing, Email Reminders and A/R Analytics dashboard.
Our Invoicing financing, SMS reminders, Credit checks and Assisted A/R services are paid; quite affordable.
What is your cancellation policy?
We understand that things change. You can cancel your plan at any time.
How can I get more information about Bridger?
You can read articles in our help centre and feel free to contact support at any
How much do we charge for Invoice financing?
3-5% per month per month.

Ready to make your bank balance bigger?

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