Take control of your cash flow

Streamline your Order-to-Cash / Accounts Receivable processes.
Get a comprehensive view of when cash will be coming in, going out, and when to take action.
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Challenges in Cash Flow Management That Keep Accountants and CFOs Awake at Night

For financial professionals like you, the complexities of accounts receivables and the need for consistent cash flow management can be daunting.
Managing Invoicing, Late payments, Cash flow gaps, credit management and collections can take a toll on your company's financial health.

How it works?

Get the high-level visibility you need into your collections process. Accelerate your cash inflow and predict your future cash flows better.

Real-time Insights and Forecast

See how your company is faring with a snapshot of your important AR metrics. Bring Visibility to your AR function.

Use automated reminders to improve payment dates.

Predict Cash Inflows

Assess customers' risk of payment before sales using the credit assessment and payer ratings.

Finance your Invoices to get acccess to business capital.

Eliminate Manual reconciliation

Reconcilie automatically with paid Invoices and free up manual time.

Get payment faster and easier.

Bridger is your strategic cash flow partner

Enhanced Cash Flow

Access working capital instantly to ensure your company's financial stability

Get Paid 8x faster

Send invoices digitally, and track them all the way until they're paid. If they're overdue, automatically send a friendly reminder or two!

Custom Financial Insights

Access real-time insights and reports to monitor your financial health and make informed decisions.

Optimized Receivables

Speed up payments and reduce outstanding accounts receivables with our Buyer credit assessments, A/R-as- a-service and our powerful tools.
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L&L foods

"The ease of using Bridger completely won me over. I'm not worried about selling to buyers because Bridger completely eliminates the stress associated with delayed Payments. With Bridger, I get paid."

Ladipo Lawani, CEO. (Forbes 30u30, 08)

Accounting Firms

Extend your offering and optimise your financial processes with our platform. Gain powerful analytics and reporting tools to create more value for your clients.

Financial Institutions

Enhance your service offerings by facilitating seamless A/R processes for your customers with Bridger. Enable faster access to funds, decreased expenses, and the elimination of errors..

Payment Providers

Connect your merchants to a platform that enables them get paid always, and create additional value for our customers while creating additional revenue streams.

Service Providers

Maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving technology landscape and earn additional revenue by partnering with a leading AR solution provider.

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Automate your Invoice collection and Eliminate Late payments

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