The complete guide on how to reduce payment delays from your customers!

Take the Hassle out of collecting business payments. Improve Cash Flow.

Are your Account Receivables processes holding your business back? Let our specialized team and software handle your invoicing, chase and collect payments, track collections, and customer service - so you can focus on what you do best, Making money.
Invoicing and Payments chasing totally done for you.
Instant Local and International payments
Access Invoice financing in 48 hours.
Some of our Clients accepting payments faster
Businesses spend too much time manually monitoring debtors and chasing late payments. Discover how Bridger's accounts receivables software can help solve this.

If late payments and past-due invoices are a constant headache for your business, we’re here to assist.


Conduct credit checks on future and current customers.


Monitor and track your receivables, debtors and chases.


Automatically chase outstanding invoices.


Efficiently collect outstanding payments.


Recover late payments from delinquent customers.


Pull information to and from your accounting system with ease.


reduction in non-payments.

10 days

Bridger members get paid 10 days faster with our easy online payments.


Save 40+ hours every month on manual invoicing and AR.

Helping Businesses collect cash faster, better & Predictably

Perfect for SMEs, Enterprises, CFOs, Collections teams, and A/R Managers.
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3 out of every 5 Invoices are paid late or even go unpaid.
Between late payments, outstanding invoices, and the need for immediate capital often lead to financial hurdles, could hinder your business's growth and liquidity.
Bridger solves it.

Create Invoice faster
Get paid 2x faster and better
Gain visibility & predictability into cash inflow

Solving your accounts receivables challenges

Accounts receivables challenges typically include:
  • Not knowing how much customers or suppliers owe you due to incorrect data
  • Sending out invoices on time
  • Payment reminders and follow-ups.
  • Tracking payments against said invoices into your business
  • Providing preferred customer-payment method
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A/R Automation and B2B payments to get you paid.

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Identify credit risks early and protect your business

Reduce the risk of extending credit to customers who may default on payments, and improve and protect your cash flow with credit checking in Bridger.
Obtain Buyer Payer rating, using real-time credit risk insights from credit bureaus.
Register buyer payment defaults

Send invoices to your customers quickly and efficiently.

Create/Send professional e-invoices directly to customers.
Invoice tracking so you see when clients view your Invoices
Do certain customers prefer paper? Bridger handles it for you automatically, by converting and delivering your Invoices to your customers.
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MacBook mockup

Automated Payment Reminders, to save you time and reduce the need for manual follow-ups.

Automatically send payment reminders (Calls and Emails)
See when clients view and pay
With a weekly cadence of soft touches by email and phone, you can feel safe using us with your best customer. Our specialists not only get you paid but also make you look great in the process..
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Pay and get paid smoothly with Automated reconciliation

Payment links to help you get paid faster
Pay your customers locally and Internationally in one place.
Once payment is received, Invoice is automatically marked as Paid.

Payment forecasting and Real-time performance metrics.

Cash Reporting & Analytics
Powerful, real-time reports across your company’s entire invoice-to-cash lifecycle
Cash collection forecasting
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MacBook mockup

Invoice financing to keep cash flowing

Exchange your Invoice for instant cash.
Forget 30, 60 days payments terms and liberate working capital from your accounts
Fix your DSO permanently to your preferred timeline.
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"Bridger simplifies my least favorite part of owning a business, chasing payments.
They are a gentle extension of my business."

Ladipo Lawani. CEO, L&L Foods

We're the smartest hire you'll ever make.

Sure, there are a lot of free Invoicing products out there, but you know it's true: You get what you pay for.

Full A/R management for your company for just 10,000 Naira ($10) Monthly.

Introduce automation to your AR processes.
Leave behind outdated software or manual work, managing loads of teams, while accelerating cash collection.

From invoice creation to payment reminders, from reconciliation to reporting — your invoicing and AR flow in the background, so you can focus on other things.
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Collect, and Pay bills in one click
Increase positive cash flow

Bridger is perfect for

Manage your business
from your phone.
Unlock cash flow
Secure platform
Spend less time chasing payments

B2B businesses

Your personal collections team.
Cash flow management
Eliminate payments write-offs
Professional Invoices free forever

and suppliers that sell on credit.

Never run out of cash.
Conduct credit checks on future and current customers.

No more late payments.
Cut down on unpaid invoices and improve your cash flow.

More time for strategy
Let go of manual receivables processes. Focus on what matters: planning your growth.

Liberate your cashflow.
Do you wait, 30, 60, and up to 120 days for cash?
Exchange your invoice for cash.

Logistics and Transport

Businesses, large/small use Bridger to streamlines the collections process and accelerates cash flow.

Create an account
Big buyers /Corporates
Retail and Wholesale
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A positive result 🎉

Does your current invoicing tick all these boxes?

Automated invoicing
Automated reconciliation
Easy customer onboarding
Credit risk management with credit limits.
Multichannel Automated Reminders
Fast, easy payments built in
Cash collection forecasting
Cross-border payments
Outsourced A/R experts
Cash Reporting & Analytics
Invoice financing and dynamic discounting
Team roles
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Frequently asked questions

What are accounts receivables?
Accounts Receivables is the amount of cash you are due by another company for delivering goods or services.
Why is Bridger better than handling it myself?
Bridger lets you add A/R management, invoice follow-up, and debt collections to your business without the hassle or investment of additional staff. It simplifies the process of A/R monitoring for you, letting you focus on building your business.
How successful are you at getting past-due Invoices paid?
We’ve helped numerous small businesses get 100% of the money they’re owed on past-due invoices. In fact, 94% of Bridger customers see an improvement in the number of days it takes to get paid.
How do I know what you’re saying to my clients?
Your A/R specialist treats your clients with the same care you would. All calls, emails, and updates are logged right within the App.
You’ll have complete visibility on your dashboard to see how, when, and how often your specialist reaches out to clients.
Can I give special instructions to my receivables specialist?
We use industry best practices to make sure both you and your customers have a great experience. We send you an onboarding survey at the beginning of your subscription so you can tell us and your receivables specialist about your business. Then, your specialist tailors the approach to you.
What if my books aren't in perfect shape?
Bridger is safe to use even if your books need a little help. We can support you in cleaning up your A/R.
Our extremely user-friendly platform lets you uncover what is outstanding and what is accounted for incorrectly.
Is my business data safe?
Security is central for us, here at Bridger.

We use continuous protection and master-slave replication to protect against any database failures:
Our data centres are hosted in the EU (Ireland) by AWS. They are ISO 27001 and SOC 1, 2, 3 Compliant.  
I don’t use one of the supported cloud accounting systems. Can you still help me?
We’d love to hear more from you about your needs and see if we can find a way to help. Give us a shout at, and let’s chat!
What countries are eligible, who is eligible to enable payment processing?
Bridger accounts receivable software is available Globally. Payments and Invoice financing is only available in Nigeria.
Is Bridger a free product?
No, It's not. But we have amazing free services like E-Invoicing, Email Reminders and A/R Analytics dashboard.
Our Invoicing financing, SMS reminders, Credit checks and Assisted A/R services are paid; quite affordable.
What is your cancellation policy?
We understand that things change. You can cancel your plan at any time.

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