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Accounts Receivable Management for Tech Companies

Technology is evolving at a record pace. IT companies face immense pressure to adapt if they want to stay ahead of the competition.

The only way to adapt to an ever-changing market is to offer the most valuable, advanced product at a reasonable price.

And if you don’t have the cash flow to create innovative technological solutions, your business will be left behind. As IT companies continue to grow and change their platforms, they incur countless new costs.

To stay afloat, cash is king. Technology businesses must have a consistent cash flow if they want to evolve. As an IT company, you already know how efficient automating processes can be, so why not use automated accounts receivable software to boost your cash flow?

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Why Cash Flow is Important for IT Companies

Between the time you provide a service or product to the customer payment date, your money is sitting in limbo. It’s yours, but you can’t use it.

Without this cashflow, you can’t fund new projects to advance your offerings, implement new technologies, and keep up with the evolving market.

If your accounts receivable processes aren’t efficient, your company will quickly fall behind. While maintaining efficient A/R collections processes is essential to maintain cashflow, it’s also time-consuming.

In addition to the massive amount of data entry, collections teams also need to monitor customers to ensure they pay on-time. It’s easy for accounts receivable to become a 24/7 job, especially for tech companies with hundreds of customers.

How IT Companies Can Improve Accounts Receivable with Automated Software

Accounts receivable software for IT companies will help you save time and boost cash flow to fund other projects.

There are four main benefits of automated accounts receivable software for IT companies:
Accuracy – When you automate the collections processes, you eliminate the possibility of human error. Every process will be completed the same way every time. You won’t have to worry about mistakes altering your accounting your accounts receivable with a smaller team, helping reduce labor costs.
Communications – Subscription business models require a much more back and forth with customers. Without an efficient way to track the hundreds of emails, chats, and phone calls, it’s easy for pieces to fall through the cracks. Forgetting to track client payments could make the difference between enough cashflow to implement a new project and getting left behind by the competition. Automated A/R software can log all customer communication in a single dashboard, so it’s much easier to keep up with each customer and which step of the payment process they’re in.
Simplified payments – Paper checks take time and effort to prepare and process. With automated A/R collections, you can accept payments electronically through an online dashboard. When making payments is easy, customers are more likely to pay quicker, leading to a better cash flow for your business.
Time savingsManually entering data and monitoring customers can be a 24/7 job. By automating many collections processes, your accounting team will have more time to focus on other projects to grow your business.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Automate AR Processes with Bridger

Why not invest in yourself the way you help other companies invest in themselves? You need automated AR software designed to help IT companies succeed.

You need Bridger.

Bridger’s automated A/R collections platform has helped IT companies simplify accounts receivable and free their teams to be proactive with other projects and tasks instead of playing catch-up with collections.

Our software features a user-friendly dashboard to manage all your collections processes from a single, centralized database.

You can improve collaboration, reduce manual workflows, and increase your cashflow to make your IT company more competitive in the cutthroat technology industry.

Contact the experts at Bridger to learn more about our automated accounts receivable software for IT companies. Be sure to request a free demo of our outstanding platform.

Why become a Bridger partner?

If a company sends invoices, they can use Bridger. Because of this, there are millions of businesses worldwide that can benefit from the faster payments and optimized accounts receivables that Bridger offers.

We can only reach so many of these companies, so we developed unique ways for partners to make money while helping others grow.

Accounting Firms

Extend your offering and optimise your financial processes with our platform. Gain powerful analytics and reporting tools to create more value for your clients.

Financial Institutions

Enhance your service offerings by facilitating seamless A/R processes for your customers with Bridger. Enable faster access to funds, decreased expenses, and the elimination of errors..

Payment Providers

Connect your merchants to a platform that enables them get paid always, and create additional value for our customers while creating additional revenue streams.

Service Providers

Maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving technology landscape and earn additional revenue by partnering with a leading AR solution provider.

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"The ease of using Bridger completely won me over. I'm not worried about selling to buyers because Bridger completely eliminates the stress associated with delayed Payments. With Bridger, I get paid."

Ladipo Lawani, CEO. (Forbes 30u30, 08)

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