How to send invoices to your buyer in three easy steps

How to send invoices to your buyer in three easy steps

Send invoices to your buyer in three easy steps

Using Bridger to do business with your buyers ensures you can keep doing business — wherever they are, no matter what disruptions the future brings. 

Follow the instructions below to start transacting digitally today for free.

1. Finish registering with Bridger

Signup on Bridger. Immediately after you signup and approval of KYC; Your Bridger account comes with a corporate account number.

2. Send your first invoice on Bridger to your buyer

After logging in to Bridger and click on the add customers module, here you can add your buyer details.  

Then navigate to your Invoice on the left-hand navigation. Fill in the information unique to your invoice (e.g. invoice number, issue date, payment due date, etc). Send the invoice to your buyer when finished.

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3. Use Bridger to finance Invoices.

Now that you’ve sent one invoice via Bridger, you will be able to finance the invoice.

Go to the Recieve payment function and click on "Accept the early payment" Select the invoice, the number of days you need the financing and get the money in your account instantly and continue business with no delay. 

To see more of what we are doing on Bridger. Check our blog.

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