Alternative High Investments You Didn't Know Existed

Alternative High Investments You Didn't Know Existed

Bridger launched a B2B Payment platform where businesses can offer net-payment terms to their business customers, as well as create/send invoices, pay/receive payment, etc. (Our early users love it)

Unlike business-to-customer trade, Business-to-business trade would usually not happen with cash. They’d do something like create invoices, supply their products, submit the invoices and wait 30,60 days before they get paid.

A business typically would use up their cash to get the product to supply but have to wait for 30,60 days before the buyer pays you.

As you read this, there's an estimated $400bn stuck in receivables across Africa, and Bridger’s goal is to fill that gap, by providing the much-needed liquidity so these businesses don’t wait 30,60 days before they get paid.

If you run a business and this problem sounds familiar? It probably does. Sign up on Bridger here and never have money stuck in receivables again.

Here’s the Juicy part.

In less than 2 months of beta launch; we have facilitated about $170,000 worth of invoices to be financed, with debt from banks.

Before now, investments like this were reserved for banks, big institutions, and the ultra-wealthy. Alternative assets are the new money-making vehicles

They don't want you to know these investment vehicles exist, but Bridger just changed that this very moment.

Not to only inform you, but we will also make these assets available for you to invest in. Join our waitlist here

Invest in Invoices on Bridger.

Interesting Interest rates.

You can get up to 30% per year, by investing in Invoices.

Selective deal sourcing.

In 2021, less than 10%* opportunities reviewed passed our due diligence process and would be offered on the Bridger marketplace.

Short duration.

You don’t have to lock your money up for 12 to 24 months; These Investment terms are short and range from 2 to 6 months.

How will you take control of your financial future?

Join the waitlist here, tell your friends about it and find out when we launch later this month.

We are onboarding the first with only 100 folks interested, Join now.

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